Carpet Binders

Carpet Binders

NC Carpet Binders are available in both portable and table model setups. All NC Carpet Binding machines can apply various carpet binding tapes, carpet fringe, tapestry wide borders, and serge tape. NC is the world’s largest manufacturer of carpet binding equipment and offers specialty units for all applications.

  • Portable & Table Model Carpet Binders
  • Bobbinless & Bobbin Type Machines
  • Apply All Tapes In A One Pass Operation
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Binding Tapes, Yarns & Fringes

Tapes, Yarns & Fringes

NC offers the world's largest selection of Carpet Binding Tapes, Fringes, Wide Borders, Serging Yarn, & Serge Tape. Available in various widths, sizes, and colors, all NC Tapes and Yarns are made in the USA.

  • Over 1,000 U.S.A. Made Edgings
  • Tapes, Yarns, Fringe, & 5" Tapestry
  • On-Line Color Charts, Easy Ordering
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Carpet Sergers

Carpet Sergers

Available in a portable and various table model setups, NC Carpet Sergers apply a gorgeous over-lock finish to the border of oriental rugs, carpets, and runners. Our 81200AIR series provides increased maneuverability thus allowing you to serge difficult angles much easier.

  • Carpet Serging Machines For Any Workroom
  • Portable & Table Model Carpet Serging units
  • Ultimate Cornering Series for difficult angles
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Carpet Cutters, Shears & Bevelers

Carpet Cutters, Shears & Bevelers

NC Carpet Cutters, Shears, and Bevelers offer the carpet installer with reliable carpet tools that are easy to use on the jobsite. These units are all portable and available in styles to suit any custom carpet installation.

  • Electric, Air, & Cordless Cutters
  • Shear on exact height & angle
  • Carpet Tools for custom installations
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Upholstery Machines

Upholstery Machines

Upholstery machines are available in standard walking foot, long arm, zig zag lockstitch, and double needle. Perfect for sewing aircraft, auto, marine, and RV interiors.

  • Walking Foot Machines
  • Long arms, double needles
  • Aircraft, Auto, marine interiors
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Carvers & Glue Products

Carpet Cutters, Shears & Bevelers

Sculpt carpet designs with NC Carpet Carvers available in both electric and pneumatic air. Glue guns, glue sticks, and various latex glues are available by the quart, gallon, 5 gallon, and spray.

  • Electric & Air glue guns
  • Latex Glues in various sizes
  • Spray Glue, Sticks, Plugs
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Wide Border & Specialty Machines

Tapestry & Specialty Machines

NC Tapestry machines are available in both a portable and table model version. They allow you to apply wide tapestry borders to custom carpets.

NC Specialty Machines include equipment for: netting, bag closing, tufting, rubber nosing, entrance mats, mitering, upholstery, fringe, automated carpet base, and rug braiding.

  • Portable & Table Model Units
  • Apply wide borders to any carpet
  • Specialty Machines & Tools
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Turf Machines

Turf Machines

Turf Sewing Machines sew together synthetic turf sports fields, residential turf, and commercial turf applications. Tools, cutters, shears, threads, turf sewing supplies.

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Netting Machines

Netting Machines

NC Netting Machines attach rope to netting and serge the edge of the netting.

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Carpet Binding Supplies

Carpet Binding Supplies

Order all your carpet binding supplies right here: Thread, needles, parts, oil, tapes, yarns, fringes, blades, glues, scissors, tweezers, etc.

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Customer Testimonial

"I just can’t express how awesome it is to having a vendor to work with like y’all.  I rave to my people every time I order from you and try to emulate your customer service in my own business.  Thanks to all for making my life easier.   You definitely live up to your reputation."    –  Brad @  Epic Flooring

12 Month Interest Free Financing

World-Class Quality Carpet Binders, Sergers, Cutters, Carvers, Shears, Upholstery Machines, Carpet Binding, Serging Yarn, Overlockers, etc.

The NC Quality Guarantee:  “ Original N-C carpet binding & serging machines from the 1950's are still in operation today.  Today’s Machines are made in the same place, the same way.  NC Machines are built to last a lifetime and we will continue to design and develop revolutionary, quality made machinery. We welcome you to join the NC Family where quality counts. “ 

N-C Carpet Binding & Equipment Corporation manufactures the world's leading carpet binders, carpet serging machines, carpet cutters, carvers, bevelers, shears, fringers, tapestry units, upholstery sewing machines, wide border machines, and industrial sewing machines. Since the 1950's, N-C has stood out as the industry innovator and inventor of carpet binding, carpet serging, and carpet edging machinery. In addition to our award-winning equipment line, NC ships the same day and provides 24-hour repair service. When you trust your livelihood to N-C, know that our precision carpet binding machinery is designed to last a lifetime.  Equally assuring, NC Machines are made in the same place and the same way as they were 60 years ago.  Most NC machines are accompanied by maintenance and training.  Our service is immediate as we’re open 5am-5pm.

With a focus on quality and ease-of-use, NC Sewing Machines and carpet tools are designed and manufactured to operate daily with minimal maintenance.   Most NC industrial sewing machines and tools are proudly made in the USA. Our vast line of carpet binding equipment is available for any custom carpet job and can be customized upon request.

N-C's worldwide customers include carpet mills, carpet stores, flooring installers, manufacturers, interior completion centers, and dozens of sewing industries including: military, turf, netting, nosing, carpet binding, bag closing, tufting, carving, sculpting, upholstery seats, auto, aircraft, marine, and rv.

In addition to carpet binding machinery, NC also boasts the world's largest line of carpet binding tapes, serging yarns, rug fringes, sisal 3-inch tape, 5-inch wide border tape, Sunbrella tapes, and serging tape. Our on-line color charts provide over 1250 carpet edgings to choose from, all of which are made in the USA. Available in cotton and polyester, carpet binding tapes range in size from 3/4", 7/8", 1-1/4", 3", and 5". Both serging yarn and serging tape are 100% cotton, while carpet fringe is available in both cotton and synthetic.

N-C three-inch sisal tape has been a staple in the industry for over 15 years. In 2009 we added 52 five-inch colors that are available in a gorgeous uniform pattern. This is by far the world's largest and most affordable line of 5” tape. Wide borders have become prevalent in the industry, and due to customer demand we now offer these wide border carpet binding tapes for immediate shipment.

N-C's online presence is boosted by our website color charts, PayPal ordering, and demonstration videos. All N-C machines such as carpet binders, carpet cutters, and carpet serging equipment are greatly detailed and accompanied by a demonstration video.

Also available are bag closers, upholstery sewing machines, netting machinery, artificial turf butt seam machines, entrance mat nosing machines, automated sample carpet binding machines, tufting guns, glue guns, threads, needles, sewing machine parts, oil, bobbins, monofilament, blades, lubricants, staplers, staples, hand scissors, latex glues, and attachments.

Interesting facts:

    Original N-C carpet binding machines from the 1950's are still in operation today.
    Machines that look like N-C machines usually are. We allow others to private label our equipment.
    N-C machines are equipped with parts designed to last a lifetime.
    N-C has the world’s largest supply of tapes, fringes, yarns, needles, threads, parts, and supplies in stock and on-line.
    N-C guarantees 24-hour repair service. Others can't guarantee a week.
    N-C is a 4th-generation family-owned PROUD USA manufacturer.
    All Carpet Binding, Serging Yarn, & Rug Fringes are made right here in the USA!

Here at NC Carpet Binding, we take pride in being the industry innovator. Since 1953, we've pioneered the flooring trade with new equipment and carpet edgings. We will continue to design and develop revolutionary, quality-made machinery. N-C differentiates itself from others by simply designing and manufacturing our own carpet binding equipment. Others duplicate; we originate.

“ We don’t claim superiority; we prove it.”   A. Joseph Caplan- Founder

NC Carpet Binders

Take NC Portable Carpet Binding Machines on the jobsite or utilize in-house. NC portable machines are available in both bobbin-type and bobbinless models. They are all capable of applying various binding tapes, carpet fringe, serge tape, and wide border tapestry tapes. Original NC portables from the 1970's are still in operation to this day.

NC Portable Carpet Binders are built with the same industrial integrity today as they were in the 1970's. If you need a reliable and cost effective way to bind carpet, NC Portable Binders will guarantee your satisfaction. You'll also find our portable tapestry machine which applies wide borders to the carpet edge. Our portable entrance mat rubber nosing machine is also located in this category.

Heavy duty NC Table Model Carpet Binding Machines are USA made units built to last a lifetime. Various models are available to meet the exact needs of any custom carpet binding workroom. NC table models are self oiling, bobbinless, and allow you to sew thousands of feet without having to change a bobbin.

Original NC Table Models from the 1950's are still in operation to this day. Table model machines are bobbinless and self oiling. As a result, they're faster, more industrial, and require less maintenance than portable models. Our famous TPB model can bind all sizes, fringe, serge, and apply wide borders. Machines for high speed cove base, difficult cornering, extra heavy duty carpet, fringing, tapestry, automated samples, and much more are available here.

NC Carpet Sergers…also called Carpet Overlockers

NC heavy duty carpet sergers are designed to last you a lifetime. These Dependable NC serger units are bobbinless and able to serge any carpet with ease.  Available with many options, the NC serger line is able to be customized to meet your needs. NC Carpet Sergers can come equipped with a binding tape underlay which eliminates the pile from busting through your serge. Portable carpet sergers and table model sergers are available.  So whether you're custom carpet installer or sew aircraft interiors, auto mats, bath mats, rv’s, etc… an NC Serger is available to meet your exact needs.

Top gun model 81200AIR allows you to serge difficult 90 degree angles & inside circles with ease. Available with many options, we can customize your 81200AIR. These special NC units are designed on our lifetime 81200 class serger heads.  NC Carpet Overlockers / Carpet Sergers are often knocked off.  The difference is, our overlockers last 50+ years whereas the Chinese & Indian overlockers last 5-10 with countless repairs.

NC Carpet Cutters are the perfect carpet tools for your workroom

Precision NC Cutters are portable units designed for the carpet installer and for custom carpet cutting. Our cutting tools are durable units for the jobsite. Our line of cove base cutters & hand held cutters are available in electric, cordless, and air.You'll find a precision NC Cutter for almost any carpet cutting application. Our line of cutters can sometimes be customized. Simply ask and we'll do our best for your specific application.

NC Carpet Shears & Beveler are wonderful carpet tools to have on hand.

The NC Beveler, NC Hand held carpet shear, & Oster hand held shears allow you to trim carpet pile to desired height and angle. The NC Beveler shears high piled carpet to exact height and angle in one pass. It's on wheels and allows you to bevel an entire area rug in seconds. It's a great carpet tool for rug inlays.

The NC311 is the industry’s most powerful and affordable hand held carpet shear. We also carry two hand held Oster Models for shearing down carpet pile height. If you need to shear the entire carpet surface, our model NCS is the perfect carpet tool.

Carpet Binding Tapes, Yarns & Fringes

·    - NEW Poly Serging Yarn or 100% Cotton yarn, 100 poly colors, and 126 cotton colors

·    - Cotton Carpet Binding Tape 60 Colors

·    - 3" Sisal Cotton & Polyester Binding 71 Colors

·    - Polyester Carpet Binding Tape 150 Colors

·    - 84 Serge Tape Colors

·    - ALL NEW Sunbrella Bindings now at NC  40 colors

·    - Oriental Carpet and Rug Fringe 11 styles and colors

·    - Synthetic Fringe Regular & Jumbo Knot

·    - All-New 5" Wide Tapestry Tape 52 Colors


Upholstery Sewing Machines

NC Upholstery Sewing Machines are available in standard walking foot, long arms, zig zag lockstitch, and double needle.  Our privately manufactured line of industrial sewing machinery is built to last a lifetime.  You may locatecheaper alternatives on the market but we refuse to sell inferior equipment.  Our Upholstery sewing units are reliable and perfect for sewing aircraft, tarps, covers, auto, marine, rv, awnings, canopies, leathers, cushions, seats, sunbrella, furniture, banners, tents, etc.

We also have a full line of used heavy duty sewing machines in all categories:  plain sewers, walking foot, blindstitch, overlocks, coverstitch, button sewers, tackers, cylinder beds, etc.  All used NC Machines carry a new machine warranty. NC Upholstery Sewing Machines allow you to Sew All Interiors With Ease & Precision

Wide Border Machines

With NC Wide Border Machines, you can sew wide borders on carpet with absolute ease. Available in both portable & table model units, you can sew up to 8" on any area rug. Over the last few years, wide carpet borders have become prevalent on area rugs. Our units will sew all carpets and all wide borders.

It's easy to do and commands the largest per foot price in the industry. Make sure to check out our 3" Sisal Tape and 5" Wide Border Tape. If you have a call for wide borders, a Wide Border machine is a must. These units sew a blindstitch as you'll see on the YouTube videos.

Latex Glue, Glue Sticks, Spray Glue

NC Carpet Glues are perfect for custom jobs, applying backing, finishing corners, and countless other applications. We offer latex glue in 5 gallon buckets, gallons, and quarts.  NC Glue is also available for our glue guns.  They come packaged in 22lb boxes in either sticks or plugs.  Our spray glue makes for quick installs and is especially helpful for applying backings.