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Binding binding tough angles, radiuses, & turns with ease
Designed for aircraft, sea-craft, and automat applications

The BAC is capable of binding tough inside 90 degree angles, inside radiuses, and 180 degree turns with ease. If you encounter difficult carpet angles, the NC model BAC is the perfect remedy. The BAC is traditionally designed for aircraft, sea-craft, and automat applications, the BAC's ability to maneuver acute angles is valuable to any workroom.


BAC Features:

  • Complete with Servo Motor Table Work Station
  • Bobbin-less, self oiling, chain-lock stitch
  • Binds at a rate of 35 feet per minute
  • Standard 11/4 attachment for Poly or Sunbrella
  • Positive, non slip feeding
  • Available automated for sample mats. Model: SBA-binds & cuts automatically
  • 1/2 HP Table Motor Stand (110/220V-50/60) Cycle Motor with Reversible Switch
  • Ultimate cornering technology
  • Able to perform 90 degree angles, round carpets, inside radiuses
blue carpet
blue carpet
blue carpet bottom
blue carpet long

blue carpet long
blue carpet long
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Car Mats

  • Model BAC used in boat & car shops for custom carpet trimming.
  • Ideal for auto mats, aircraft, seacraft, RV & rubber back and Berbers.
car mat
  • Optional Maintenance/Instruction Video Available


• 100 Gorgeous Colors
• 100% USA Made
• 100% Same Price as 7/8”!
• Better coverage
• New, more popular colors added
• Looks more like genuine serging
Same price as 7/8" Serging Tape

Check out the new 1 1/4” Serging Tape chart.

Model: BAC Carpet Binder $8,000.00
S21 box needles for BAC $75.00
BAC114ST Tape Attachment $275.00
S12 Looper thread 69 Bonded Nylon (18 color choices) $22.00

GO gallon oil $18.00
QO Qt oil $11.50
Instruction Video $19.95

Made in the USA
Made in the USA