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Carpet Binders

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Customer Testimonial "I paid more for my NC’s versus other brands, but it’s worth it in the short term and the long term.  Portables & table machines run all day at my shop.  Still running after all these years.  Made the mistake of buying another unit once.  Thanks guys."  – Rick @ Carpet Binding

Portable Carpet Binders

Model PBS
  • Bobbinless & Bobbin Type Portable Binders
  • Take them on the jobsite or utilize in-house
  • Lightweight, easy to use, built to last many years

Take NC Portable Carpet Binding Machines on the jobsite or utilize in-house. NC portable machines are available in both bobbin-type and bobbinless models. They are all capable of applying various binding tapes, carpet fringe, serging tape, and wide border tapestry tapes. Original NC portables from the 1970's are still in operation to this day. They’re built in the same place and the same way and offer a lifetime of sewing.

Our lineup of carpet binding machines provides with choices to meet the needs of your operation. You'll also find our portable tapestry machine which applies wide borders to the rug’s border. In addition, all three NC portable entrance mat machines are located here. They apply rubber nosing reducer to all mats. Click here for NC Portable Machines.

Table Model Carpet Binders

Model TPB
  • Bobbinless Machines for all applications
  • USA Made units built to last a lifetime
  • Equipped with a table, motor, stand workstation

Heavy duty NC Table Model Carpet Binding Machines are USA made units built to last a lifetime. Various models are available to meet the exact needs of any custom carpet binding workroom. NC table models are self oiling, bobbinless, and allow you to sew thousands of feet without having to change a bobbin. Fast, Efficient, and capable of multiple daily shift use, NC Table models are guaranteed to streamline your operation.

In 1953 we invented bobbinless technology and the 1st bobbinless carpet binder . Original NC Table Models from the 1950's are still in operation to this day. They're faster, more industrial, and require less maintenance than portable models. Machines are available for high speed cove base, difficult cornering, extra heavy carpet, fringing, wide borders, automated samples, and more. Carpet Mills, Auto, Aircraft, RV, Marine, Military, and Custom Carpet Workrooms have come to rely on our wide range of custom carpet binding machine setups. Click here for the NC Lineup of Table Model Carpet Binding Machines.

Ultimate Cornering Binder

Model PBS
  • Sew acute angles, inside radiuses with ease
  • Bobbinless, one of a kind machine
  • Perfect: Aircraft, Auto, Marine, RV

Having trouble binding difficult angles? Circles? The NC Top gun allows you to bind those difficult inside 90 degree angles, inside radiuses & acute turns with ease. Made in the USA, this unit is engineered to bind difficult angles much easier than standard carpet binders. The BAC is traditionally employed by aircraft, marine, auto mat, & rv interior workrooms. The BAC is bobbinless, self-oiling, and setup with our 11/4” Poly or Sunbrella Tape attachment.

Carpet Binders Available in both portable & table model carpet binding machines.

Carpet Binders by NC Carpet Binding & Equipment will meet the needs of any carpet binding workroom as they apply various carpet binding tapes to the carpet border. Available in several portable and table model machines, our line of carpet binders will provide the perfect solution to all carpet edging needs. N-C carpet binding machines can apply all carpet binding tapes, serging tape, carpet fringe, and wide borders to any carpet. For many years the N-C Carpet Binder Machines have been voted the industry's most durable and reliable. When searching for a proven carpet binder built for life, look no further than the NC Carpet Binder line. Our carpet binders provide consistent service and are custom designed to apply various carpet borders with ease. In 1949 N-C Invented the first bobbin-less carpet binder for both the Sears and Bamberger's/Macy's department stores. It's our goal at N-C to continue to design and develop USA-made carpet binders that are built to last a lifetime. Our bobbin-less carpet binder, bobbin type portable carpet binders, and table model carpet binder Lineup are still made in the same facility. All carpet binding machines are designed and built by our family.

Take an N-C portable carpet binder anywhere. They are designed to bind carpet on the jobsite, the workroom, in a garage…anywhere! These units are lightweight, easy to handle, and affordable. Available in 4 models, our portable rug binders are able to bind, serge, fringe, and apply tapestry wide borders. We have 3 portable bobbin type rug binders as well as our revolutionary bobbin-less portable carpet binder Millennium 2009. No other company can match our selection, functionality, and precision machines. Original N-C portable carpet and rug binding machines from the 1970's are still in service to this day. As long as you keep the equipment oiled, cleaned, and serviced, it is built to withstand daily use for many years.

NC table model machines are the fastest and most industrial carpet binders in the world. They are also capable of fringing, serging, and applying wide border carpet binder tapes. Built on USA-made sewing heads, we transform them into carpet binders here at our plant in New Jersey. NC’s line of table model rug binders are six times larger than that of the next closest competitor. So whether you want to bind base, area rugs, acute inside angles, inside circles, netting, rope, mats, runners, shag, berbers, sisals, auto, air, rv or marine carpet we have a table model carpet binder perfect for your carpet and rug binding needs. Original NC table model carpet binders from the 1950's are still in service to this day. NC is credited with developing the first-ever bobbinless, zig-zag, industrial carpet binder. The TPB is the world's most capable carpet binding machine and our model SB is the fastest at a rate of 60 feet per minute of bound carpet. As long as you keep them oiled, cleaned, and serviced, they are built to withstand a lifetime of daily use in applying carpet binder tape, serge binding tape, wide border carpet binding, and sisal tape.

For example, let’s say you encounter difficult sewing angles. We would recommend our ultimate cornering carpet binder – model BAC. This is employed by clients who encounter difficult inside circles, ninety-degree inside turns, and acute angles. Or if you encounter extra heavy-duty carpet and backing we'd suggest our 81200S or 80800RFC Ultimate Humvee. Whatever the need, if you’re wondering how to bind a carpet, our table model carpet binders are available to attach carpet binding tape or sew on any other carpet binding border with absolute ease.