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Carpet Cutters, Shears & Bevelers

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Customer Testimonial “ Love the strip cove cutter, beveler, & pnuc. Top of the line stuff.  Thanks “- John @ Manguso/McFarlands

NC Carpet Cutters

Precision NC Cutters are portable units designed for the carpet installer and for custom carpet cutting. Our cutting tools are durable units for the jobsite. Our line of cove base cutters & hand held cutters are available in electric, cordless, and air.

You'll find a precision NC Cutter for almost any carpet cutting application. Our line of cutters can sometimes be customized. Simply ask us and we'll do our best for your specific application. Click here to view our entire line and make sure to watch them in action on the YouTube videos.

Carpet Shears & Bevelers

Model TPB

The NC Beveler, NC Hand held carpet shear, & Oster hand held shears allow you to trim carpet pile to desired height and angle. The NC Beveler shears high piled carpet to exact height and angle in one pass. It's on wheels and allows you to bevel an entire area rug in seconds. It's also great for rug inlays.

The NC311 is the industry’s most powerful and affordable hand held carpet shear. We also carry two hand held Oster Models for shearing down carpet pile height. If you need to shear the entire carpet surface, our model GMS is the perfect tool. Click here for precision carpet shears and make sure to watch the YouTube demonstration videos.

Carpet Cutters, Shears, and Bevelers

N-C carpet cutters, carpet shears, and carpet bevelers are fantastic carpet tools that are a complement to any carpet binding, serging, fringing, or tapestry workroom. These N-C flooring tools are available in a variety of styles, industrial strengths, voltages, pneumatic air, and cordless applications. Our line of carpet cutting tools range from handy workroom cutters, to industrial 6-inch single blade cutters, to six blade cove base carpet strip cutters. All these units are available for sale to carpet installers, carpet manufacturers, and jobsite flooring technicians.

The great thing about N-C carpet cutters is that they're all lightweight, portable, and affordable. The largest cutter we offer is our NC250 carpet cove base cutter. This unit comes equipped with six sharpened round blades, and can cut six 4" strips at a time. If you wish to remove blades and cut larger strips, it's simple to do. There are no spacers, so you're able to adjust the cutting width to exact requirements. A few years back we were asked to make this unit into a nine strip cutter. The NC250 has rolling casters on the bottom and slices through carpet rolls with ease.

Our handheld line of carpet cutters offers the installer a choice of electric, cordless, and pneumatic air, ranging in weight from 2-5 lbs. If you're looking for a simple, affordable handheld carpet cutting tool, the NC360 cordless cutter is great for light- to medium-grade carpet. If you require a more industrial strength, our electric rug cutter model PC2 is an excellent choice for on-the-job carpet cutting.

In 1989, Pirelli Auto Tire approached us about making a lightweight, air-powered handheld tool for their workroom. Of course Pirelli was looking to cut rubber tires. So we developed the first PNUC and introduced it to our custom carpet clients. The PNUC is the world's most industrial-strength and capable handheld cutter. Weighing only 2.5lbs, this amazing cutter for carpet will slice the most industrial graded carpet without bogging down.

The N-C beveler is our most popular selling carpet tool. It's used to shear the edge of the carpet border at an exact height and angle. With rolling casters on the bottom of the beveler, you’re able to shear a large area rug in seconds. The height and angle of the carpet cutting shears is easily adjustable and in one pass your carpet border will have a perfectly beveled edge. This flooring tool can also be used by custom carpet carvers or installers who wish to butt two different carpets together. The beveled edge provides a nice seam where two carpets can meet.

N-C's other carpet cutting shears include the handheld Oster models EW311 & NC510. These units can be used to shear the carpet's edge as well as perform slight designs. As a low-cost alternative to the beveler, these carpet shears do not provide exact height and angle, but are great flooring tools to have on hand.

The N-C GMS shears the entire pile height of the carpet surface. If you have an expensive oriental rug or area rug you wish to revitalize, the GMS will plane down the old, fuzzy surface providing a new look to your rug. This tool is not made by us here at N-C, but we only carry the very best carpet shears so you can be assured of its quality.