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Machines Built To Last A Lifetime


NC Carpet Binding Machines are available in portable and table model setups. Designed to sew all carpet binding applications, NC Binders made in the USA & Japan and are built to last a lifetime. The continued quality and durability of NC Carpet Binding Machines can be attributed to various factors. Since their launch almost 60 years ago, NC binders have been made in the same place and the same way. Our family’s focus on quality engineering and continuity is what separates us from other units made overseas. NC’s extensive lineup of carpet binding machines provides the industry with options for all carpet edging applications.

NC Portable Carpet Binding Machines are made with the highest level of integrity in the USA and Japan. Employ them on the job site, in-house, and most anywhere. Available in bobbin-type and bobbinless, portable NC Carpet Binding Machines attach carpet binding tapes, rug fringes, serge tapes, and wide border edgings to the carpet border. Original NC portable carpet binders from the 1970's are still in operation to this day. NC Portable Carpet Binders are built in the same place with the same industrial integrity today as they were in the 1970's.

Heavy duty NC Table Model Carpet Binders are USA Made and built to last a lifetime. We offer the largest line of carpet binders in the world. NC table models are self-oiling, bobbinless, and allow you to sew thousands of feet without having to change a bobbin. In 1959 NC invented the industry's 1st bobbinless carpet binder. Since then, we've manufactured over 15 different carpet binders designed to meet the needs of any custom carpet binding workroom. i.e. 60 feet per minute cove base carpet binder, Automated Sample Carpet Binding Machine, Extra Heavy Duty Sisal Binder.

Our Ultimate Cornering model BAC is designed to bind tough inside corners, radiuses, and 180 degree turns with ease. Made in the USA, this unit is engineered to bind difficult angles much easier than standard carpet binders. The BAC is traditionally employed by aircraft, marine, auto mat, & rv interior workrooms. The BAC is bobbinless, self-oiling, and setup with our 11/4” Poly or Sunbrella Tape attachment.



NC Carpet Serging machines made in the USA and built to last a lifetime. Offered in both table model and portable setups, NC Carpet Sergers sew all carpet styles with absolute ease. Rug manufacturers like Nourison employ NC Sergers for their durability, low operating costs, and minimal downtime. Our units are customizable and able to meet the needs of any custom carpet workroom. NC Carpet Serging Machines generate the industry’s most gorgeous wrap around stitch. Wrap around serging is most often employed for oriental rugs, auto mats, carpet remnants, and stair runners. NC wrap around carpet sergers employ two threads: 1 Serging Yarn and 1 nylon thread.

NC rug sergers are also available in three thread setups. This setup is most often employed for commercial aircraft interiors ( NC Model 81200AIR ) and applications that require the carpet to lay 100% flat. You’ll find this application on Boeings and Airbus carpet aircraft interiors. Our patented rear puller system provides optimal pulling power and allows you to serge the heaviest rugs with minimal labor. Rear puller equipped machines should be employed for full sized rug applications. Our unique system minimizes part replacement and downtime. Equally important, the NC rear puller system is what enables your units to last a lifetime.

NC flagship table model 81200TPWA/B and Ultimate Cornering Model 81200AIR-RFW/B are setup with patented NC rear puller.. The 81200TPWA/B is employed for standard oriental rug OEM’s and workrooms. Our 81200AIR-RFW/B is employed by workrooms that also encounter acute angles and difficult inside radiuses and turns.

The NC Portable serger is also equipped with the pulling power to accommodate area rugs and is able to serge acute angles. Brought to market in 2005, the NC Portable Serger take the best of both world’s from our 2 flagship table models. It’s industrial strength and maneuverability allow it to sew any carpet serging application with ease. Like our portable carpet binders, take this unit on the jobsite and serge anywhere.

In 1995, NC invented the Binding Tape Underlay Feature. This feature has 3 primary benefits: 1. It doesn’t allow the carpet pile to bust through your serge. 2. In most cases it eliminates the need to bevel 3. In the even there is serging yarn separation, the tape color will match that of your serging yarn. No one will be able to tell.

Carpet serging is also referred to as ‘carpet overlocking’ and ‘whipping’. This terminology is most often used outside of North America. NC carpet overlocking and rug whipping machines are sold to rug mills and custom carpet fabrication facilities in 6/7 continents. What separates NC rug overlockers vs International carpet overlockers? NC units are equipped with 2-3 times the pulling power and our tape underlay feature. More importantly, our units are Made In The USA. This all translates into a more beautiful stitch, less part replacement, less downtime, and an exponentially longer life expectancy.