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Model 81500 NTP

Carpet Machine Attaches Ropes and Serges NettingIdeal for safety, sport, fishing...ALL netting appli..


Model 81200TF

The 81200TF Heavy-Duty Netting Machine   The 81200TF Netting Machine is equipped with a..


Model 860

The NC860 serger is ideal for light to medium weighted carpets. It operates at a high speed, is self..


Model NC7

NC7 Extra Heavy Duty Sewer Sew Saddles, Harnesses, Straps, Multi-Ply Applications The NC7 is the..


Model 81200SN

The 81200SN Heavy-Duty Netting MachineThe 81200SN is employed by workrooms that attach tape binding ..


Go With the Pioneers

NC Machines are built to last a lifetime

When you trust NC for your carpet machinery needs, you can count on a few things. Of most significance, is that we make what we sell. We manufacture our carpet equipment with the highest quality standard in the industry.  We don't copy, we don't private label, and we don't offer gimmick discounts.  If you're looking for reliable equipment & expedient service we're here to offer it and will always be here to deliver it.