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Parts for NC Air Carver Models NC PDC-3A, PDC-3a & PDC-3a1 and NC 467BS-01 Series

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NCC Swivel Hose - NCC Hose



3BE5512A53 Rotor Assembly

3BE5512A53 Rotor Assembly for PDC ..


3BE5512A751 Seal Block

3BE5512A751 Seal Block Assembly for PDC..


3NC223140 Motor Housing

3NC223140 New Style Motor Housing..


3NC55648 Spindle

3NC55648 Spindle only for PDC..


3NC5564A40 Motor Housing

3NC5564A40 Old Style Motor Housing..


3NC5564A400 Throttle Lever Assembly

3NC5564A400 Throttle Lever Assembly for PDC..


BA Base Relief Plate

 Carver "Ba"  Base Relief Plate..


C129 Blade Bracket

C129 Blade Bracket for Electric 467 Carver ..


C130 Blade Spring

C130 Blade Spring for Electric 467 carpet Carver..


C137 Clamp

C137 Clamp for Electric 467 carpet Carver..


C432 Sleeve Bushing

C432 Sleeve/Bushing for Electric 467 Carver..


C444 Pivot Pin

C444 Pivot Pin for Electric 467 Carver..


C445N Rocker

C445N Rocker w/ bushing for Elec. 467 Carver..


C46B10N Motor Brushes

C46B10N Set of Motor Brushes Electric 467 Carver..


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