Refurbished Cutters

Refurbished Cutters

NC Factory Refurbished Cutter / Shears

NC Brand Units Equipped with a ‘new machine warranty’.

NC offers its remanufactured machinery in like new condition. These units provide reliability and a considerable savings to our valued customers. All remanufactured machines come with a new machine warranty. Units will be posted as they become available. Direct links for full machine details and demonstration videos can be accessed with a click. Any questions, 1-800-526-1184

NC Portable Beveler

NC Beveler Features:

  • Portable caster wheels allow for easy rolling
  • Extra long lasting blades
  • One pass need to go over
  • Different beveled angles may be obtained by loosening the two knobs at the base of the machine and moving the cutting head to a desired position. Will cut 30 degree to 90 degree angles.
  • Convenient carry handle
  • 30 pounds
  • Blades easily removable for sharpening.
  • 1/2 HP engine
  • Available in either 110/115V 60 cycle or 220/230V 50 cycle.

NC RSWS Single blade cutter

RSWS Features:

  • 3/4 HP Motor
  • Directly wired with twist-lock plug, eliminating constant terminal pin breakage
  • Eliminates thick rug resistance
  • No bucking. Operator makes straight, accurate cuts through heavy material
  • 6" blade for longer-lasting blade life
  • Sealed motor bearings for virtually grease-free operation
  • All controls within fingertip reach
  • Available in either 110/115V 60 cycle or 220/230V 50 cycle or 380/440V-50 cycle

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Go With the Pioneers

NC Machines are built to last a lifetime

When you trust NC for your carpet machinery needs, you can count on a few things. Of most significance, is that we make what we sell. We manufacture our carpet equipment with the highest quality standard in the industry.  We don't copy, we don't private label, and we don't offer gimmick discounts.  If you're looking for reliable equipment & expedient service we're here to offer it and will always be here to deliver it.