Shears and Bevelers

Shears and Bevelers

Carpet Shears, Bevelers, Carpet Tools

NC Carpet Shears & Bevelers are designed to trim the pile height of the entire carpet surface and carpet edge. Our two most popular shearing tools are the NC Beveler & NCS Top Shear. The Beveler is a portable unit set up on casters that shears the carpet edge on exact height and angle in a single pass.

If you’re in the market for a tool to shear the entire carpet surface, the NCS Carpet Shear has officially launched in December 2012. It offers precision carpet pile height shearing and makes existing or preexisting units obsolete. We also offer hand held NC and Oster shears for hand trimming. The industry’s finest tools for carpet shearing and beveling are proudly manufactured by NC in the USA.

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Model Beveler

The Carpet Binder’s Best Friend The NC Portable Carpet Beveler shears the edge of thick piled carpet..


Model NC311 Shear

Heavy-Duty Hand-held Carpet ShearThe NC311 is the simplest, most affordable tool for shearing high p..


Model NCS

NCS Carpet Shear repairs frayed, uneven pile, tufts, fuzzing, irregular seams, matting, and discolor..


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When you trust NC for your carpet machinery needs, you can count on a few things. Of most significance, is that we make what we sell. We manufacture our carpet equipment with the highest quality standard in the industry.  We don't copy, we don't private label, and we don't offer gimmick discounts.  If you're looking for reliable equipment & expedient service we're here to offer it and will always be here to deliver it.