Portable Carpet Binders

Portable Carpet Binders

Portable Carpet Binders

Take NC Portable Carpet Binding Machines on the jobsite or utilize in-house. Our portable carpet binders are available in both bobbin-type and bobbin-less models. An NC Binder is able to attach most carpet binding tapes, rug fringes, serge tapes, and wide border edgings to the carpet border. They are both the most lightweight and most industrial carpet binders in the industry. Original NC portable carpet binders from the 1970's are still in operation to this day.

NC Portable Carpet Binders are built in the same place with the same industrial integrity today as they were in the 1970's. In addition to our standard carpet binder lineup, you'll also find our portable tapestry machine. This unit applies wide binding tape borders to the carpet’s edge. Our portable rubber nosing machine is also located in this category. It’s the industry’s only portable sewing machine that applies rubber nosing to entrance mats, safety mats, etc.

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Model PBS

NC Single Puller Portable Carpet Binding MachineOriginals from the 1970’s are still in operationThe ..


Model PBT

NC Double Puller Portable Carpet Binding MachineOriginals from the 1970’s are still in operationThe ..


Millennium 2017

NC Bobbinless Portable Carpet Binding MachineBind 1000's of feet without changing threadThe NC Mille..


Model PBTT

NC Portable Blind-Stitch Wide BinderShow up to 6” on the carpet surface with a blind-stitchThe NC PB..


Model M-Nosing

Bobbinless Portable Nosing Sewing MachineWeighs only 30 lbs, Easy To Use, & FastThe M-Nosing mac..


Model NC 80800N

NC80800N Portable Nosing MachineMade In The USA This USA Made, patented, all new portable nos..


Millennium Turf Binder

Apply Binding Tape To Golf & Turf MatsBind 1000’s of feet without changing threadOur portable ‘ ..


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When you trust NC for your carpet machinery needs, you can count on a few things. Of most significance, is that we make what we sell. We manufacture our carpet equipment with the highest quality standard in the industry.  We don't copy, we don't private label, and we don't offer gimmick discounts.  If you're looking for reliable equipment & expedient service we're here to offer it and will always be here to deliver it.