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Six Blade Cove Base Carpet Cutter - Slice into 4-Inch Strips

The all new NC250 carpet cutter allows you to cut 6 four inch strips one pass. The blades are easily adjustable and removable, thus allowing you to generate strips at a maximum of 24 inches. Above all else, your knees and back will thank you.

How the machine works: This portable cutter is on wheels and rolls right along your carpet roll. The NC250 is a walk behind unit designed to pull itself through cove base carpet like a hot knife through butter. As an operator, you would simply butt the carpet up against the guide and turn on the blades. Once the blades catch the carpet, it ensures exact cuts.

NC 250 Features:

  • 6 easily adjustable spacers!
  • Cuts 6 four inch strips in one pass
  • Completely portable lawn mower style cutter
  • Able to handle denser commercial graded carpets
  • Customized, Model NC 250 can Cut 9 Strips at once!
  • We can customize your cutter to fit up to 9 blades

Cut & Bind Cove Base With Ease

Watch the video showing a High Volume Carpet Cove Base Workroom In Action Using the NC SB & NC250. Cut & Bind many 1000's of feet of base per day affordable and easily. These units are designed to operate all day and are guaranteed to increase your production exponentially.

Model NC250

NC 6 Blade Cove Base Cutter

Cut over 15,000 feet of cove base per day


To increase the production of any workroom that cuts cove base.


NC250 Features
- Walk behind cove base cutter
- 6 easily adjustable blades, no spacers
- Cuts 6 four inch strips in one pass
- Cut 15,000 feet/8 hour workday
- USA Made Leeson Motor


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  • $1,600.00
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