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World’s Most Powerful Electric Hand Held Cutter.

The Speedcut 2 is perfect for cutting on the job carpet, vinyl, & sports flooring.  We initially offered this cutter to our Turf & Track Clients.  A few carpet clients tried it and were blown away with its easy of cutting and effectiveness.  It’s ability to cut dense, hard backed carpets is unmatched by other hand-held electric cutters.  It’s lightweight, able to cut curves, and comes equipped with a push button sharpening system.  The Speedcut 2 ensures sharp, precise cuts without fraying. Thanks to the new fiber opening system, the blade only cuts the backing as pile remains intact. Electric Rasor Speedcut Lightweight, Versatile, & Ideal for Cutting Sports Turf by Hand.

Model Speedcut

Heavy Duty Electric Hand Held Cutter

Industry’s most industrial electric hand-held cutter


Employed to cut any carpet, sports turf, or mat


SpeedCut2  Features
- Hexagonal , heavy duty blade
- Push button sharpening stone
- Comfort grip, lightweight
- Extra Heavy duty cutter.
- Available 110v, 220v, cordless


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  • $1,200.00

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