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The NC360 is the finest battery powered in the industry. This handheld portable cutter is a great compliment to any installer either on the jobsite or in-house. This unit cuts cleanly, recharges quickly, and helps decrease labor.


NC 360 Features:

  • Heavy duty NiCad Battery
  • 10 sided round knife 60mm (2 5/16”) diameter
  • Counter knife (carbide tipped) assembly
  • Battery charger 115V - 230V
  • NC-360-04-1 Battery charger 115V
  • NC-360-04-2 Battery charger 230V
  • NC-360-05 Sharpening stone
  • NOTE: All parts are readily available - Strongly suggest purchase of spare blades and battery backup.
Model: NC360 $250.00
NC360-01 Blades for nc360 $12.00
NC360-02 Carbide Tip Counter Knife Assbly $25.00
NC360-03 Nicad Battery Pack $75.00
NC360-04-01 Battery Charger 115V $85.00
NC360-04-01 Battery Charger 230V $85.00
NC360-05 Sharpening Stones $6.50