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Upholstery Sewing Machines

NC Upholstery Sewing Machines are available in standard walking foot, long arm, and double needle setups. Our privately manufactured line of industrial sewing machinery is built to last a lifetime. Companies like General Motors and Airworthy Aerospace rely on these precision machines to provide all day sewing. Our upholstery sewing units are perfect for sewing aircraft, auto, tarps, covers, marine, rv, awnings, canopies, leathers, cushions, seats, furniture, banners, tents, etc. In addition, we offer Juki seat belt tackers and the NC Leather Skiver.

Customer Testimonial: Great machines and better people. We have a long arm upholstery machine NC and both of their ultimate cornering machines.  We do aircraft & boat interiors. One of our favorite vendors.“ - Chad @ AIP

Tarps & Covers Auto Aircraft

Single Needle Walking Foot

Model NC206RB
  • Large bobbin upholstery sewing machine
  • Extra high lift, sews any thickness
  • Complete with table workstation, self oiling

"30 Inch Long Arm Compound Walking Foot"

Model NC206RBL
  • World's Largest & Most Affordable Long Arm
  • Sew more than 30" into your material, self oiling
  • Complete with table workstation

Double needle compound walking foot

Model NC211RB
  • Large bobbin upholstery sewing machine , self oiling
  • Extra high lift, sews any thickness
  • Complete with table workstation

Long Arm Double Needle Walking Foot

Model NC211RBL
  • 25” long arm sewing throat
  • Large bobbin, extra high lift
  • Equipped with table, servo motor, & stand

Sew Headrests, Cushions, Furniture with Ease

Model NC211RB
  • Reverse/ Back tack lever
  • Large Bobbin, high lift
  • Equipped with table, motor, & stand workstation

Extra Heavy Duty Sewer

Model NC211RB
  • Working space of 16 1/2 inches
  • Extra High Lift, Extra Heavy Duty
  • Equipped with table, servo motor, & stand

"21inch Long Arm Zig -Zag Extra High Lift Walking foot"

Model : NC305L

Model NC305L Features:

  • Long Arm Zig -Zag & Straight Stitch
  • Xtra High Lift, self oiling
  • Includes table, motor, stand
  • Compound Walking foot
  • Automatic self-oiling
  • Extra high lift
  • Back tack lever
  • Zig zag stitch
  • Standard parts availability

Shaves Down Surface Of all types of Leather

Model NC Skiver
  • Perfect for all leathers, seats, belts, watches, bags, etc.
  • Includes table, motor, & stand.
  • Maximum 2" width, waste removal device
  • Adjustable to desired height

Juki 1900 High Speed Automated Box-X Tacker

Model Juki 1900 Automated Box-X Tacker
  • Perfect For Seatbelts, Harnesses, Rigging Straps, etc
  • Easily program your design
  • Fully automated 200 patterns


Model NC Skiver
  • Built in bobbin winder
  • Heavy Duty standard arm zig-zag
  • Table, servo motor, & stand

Juki Plain Sewer

Model NC Skiver
  • Equipped with table, servo motor, & stand
  • Fully automatic lubrication system
  • Feather touch pressure foot lifter

Sergers & Binder For sewing all Interiors

Sergers & Binder For Interiors
  • Ultimate Cornering Sergers & Binder
  • Aircraft, Auto, Marine Carpet & Mats
  • USA Made NC Machines

Upholstery Sewing Machines For All Interiors, Aircraft, Tarps, Covers, Auto, Marine, RV, Awnings, Canopies, Leathers, Cushions, Seats, Sunbrella, Furniture, Banners, etc.

NC Upholstery Sewing Machines are available to meet the needs of any interiors workroom.  Our upholstery machines are made specifically for the following industries:  aircraft interiors, auto interiors, RV interiors, marine interiors, covers, tarps, banners, awnings, signs, furniture, leathers, canopies, tents, etc.
NC Upholstery Machines are available in standard walking foot, long arms, zig zag lockstitch, and double needle.  Our privately manufactured line of machinery is both affordable and built to last.  You may locate a cheaper alternative on the market but we refuse to sell inferior equipment.  Our units are reliable industrial sewing machines perfect for sewing and industrial application.

Aircraft Interiors, auto upholstery shops, RV manufacturers,  and marine fabricators have come to rely on our industrial sewing machines.  Our family has focused on manufacturing affordable, custom machinery for all sewing applications.
Our walking foot line includes the world's most affordable and longest 30" long arm walking foot with extra high lift.  This unit is perfect for sewing deep into leather sewing, cushions, tarps, covers, or furniture when you don't wish to fold your material.    In addition, we have a 21" long arm machine that sews both zig zag and straight stitch.
The NC Double needle is the machine of choice for aircraft and auto interior shops that want to sew seats in one pass.  Our leather skiving machine is both affordable and easy to use.  It will shear all leather surfaces.
The NC Ultimate Cornering Binder & Sergers are great choices to apply edgings to the carpet border.  If you encounter difficult angles, inside seat post radiuses, and tough corners, these machines are perfect.
Our sewing machines are also employed to sew sports covers, tarps, rain covers, seat covers, on deck circles, turf blankets, sports memorabilia, etc.  Most recently our equipment is being utilized by the US Department Of National Defense for sewing troop village tents.
We also have a full line of used heavy duty upholstery machines sewing machines in all categories:  plain sewers, walking foot, blind stitch, overlocks, coverstitch, button sewers, tackers, cylinder beds, etc.  All used NC Machines carry a new machine warranty.
NC Upholstery Machines allow you to Sew All Industrial Sewing Applications With Ease & Precision.


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